Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics Program

Program Description

If your daughter loves music, dance, tumbling and creativity then she will love Rhythmic Gymnastics. It combines the beauty, artistry and grace of ballet with the strength and power of gymnastics.

We offer:

Beginner classes (first year students, 3-6 year olds)

Intermediate classes (second year students)

Advance classes (third year students or by coach recommendation)

Pre-Team (only by coach recommendation)

Jr Beginners (first year students, 7+ years old girls who like rhythmic gymnastics)

Gymnasts perform routines to music using hand apparatus such as ribbon, ball, hoop, rope or clubs. No experience is necessary and gymnasts will be placed in the appropriate level as they progress.

Gymnasts absolutely fall in love with rhythmic gymnastics through creative dance, the fun they have learning new apparatus skills, the flexibility they develop, and the friendships they create that can last a lifetime. It becomes every participant’s goal to become part of the competitive team and it is truly amazing to watch these little girls grow and become outstanding athletes. 

For each class, a gymnast may wear a basic black or pink leotard, leggings or shorts, and white socks. All clothing should allow free movement but should not be baggy. Hair should be pulled away from the face in either a ponytail or a bun. No jewelry should be worn (stud earrings are ok).

There is no obligation to try rhythmic gymnastics and the first class is always free. Please, stop by and see why we are one of the largest and one of the best Rhythmic Gymnastics Schools in the US!

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Vlad Kaminsky

Valerie is amazing! She has a great approach with the kids and makes sure that the girls learn how to do things correctly. I would definitely recommend RhythMix!

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