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Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport that eloquently combines the beauty and grace of dance with the agility and dexterity of gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnasts use hand apparatus such as RIBBON, ROPE, HOOP, BALL, and CLUBS that are constantly in motion, synchronized with their body movements and beautiful music.

Our program accommodates all levels and ages, from 3 year old to advanced competitive levels. Our training philosophy is to develop gymnasts at every level from the beginning, developing skills for general movement education, health and for participation in the competitive program. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a unique sport for girls, which promotes developing coordination, poise, grace and confidence.

Rhythmix gymnasts come from Chicago north suburbs, including Buffalo Grove, Mundelein, Highland Park, Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Wheeling, Lake Zurich, Deerfield, Lake Forest and Lincolnshire

Irina polyachenko


Although fascinating to watch, there is more to Rhythmic Gymnastics than meets the eye. Rhythmic builds physical abilities for STRENGTH, POWER, FLEXIBILITY, AGILITY, DEXTERITY, and ENDURANCE. The sport also enhances MUSICAL ABILITY OF HARMONY and RHYTHM. In addition to establishing lifelong patterns of physical activity, which promote health and fitness, it also requires discipline, develops courage, and builds self-confidence - the qualities all transferable to other areas of life. Gymnasts learn to control their bodies and sharpen their minds. Rhythmic also encourages creativity while allowing the gymnast to express herself in a unique and individualized way.


Irina Polyachenko

Irina was the Founder and Head coach of RhythMix with 35+ years of coaching experience. Irina earned the title of "Master of Sport" in Ukraine. She was the first coach of world famous Olympians Tamara Yerofeeva and Olga Andreeva. Irina has been coaching in Chicago since 1995. Her students compete at State, Regional, National and International competitions. In 2003, Irina earned her Physical Therapy and Sport Medicine degree. In 2006, Irina opened the doors of RhythMix, with just 5 girls in a small hallway, and with her passion and care for the sport and the girls she trains, she has made RhythMix into one of the largest RG schools in the country.

Valery Roytman (Kharina)

Program Director and Head Coach
Valery began her training in Kiev, Ukraine at the age of 3, in the same group as the World and Olympic gymnast, Anna Bessonova. She continued her training in Chicago, coached by her mother, Irina, and was a member of the USA National Team for 4+ years. Valery competed at National and International competitions, representing USA in Canada, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Portugal. Valery has 14+ years of coaching experience, and in 2006, she co-founded RhythMix with Irina. In 2014, Valery earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree.

Larisa Siminskiy

Team coach
Larisa is a former National level gymnast from Kiev, Ukraine. She started coaching in Kiev, and joined RhythMix shortly after it opened. Larisa has been coaching all levels of gymnasts for 15+ years.

Alla Cummuta

Team coach
Alla is a former gymnast from the city of Penza, Russia, with more than 10 years of coaching experience. Alla has been a part of the RhythMix team for 6+ years. She is skilled in working with any level of gymnast, but her current focus is with young athletes who have already participated in preliminary gymnastics and are now ready to develop the more advanced techniques of rhythmic gymnastics, such as body movements and handling of apparatus. Alla believes in the long term vision. In her words, “I’m not just thinking about basic training, nor simply realizing the possibilities of success in the sport for each gymnast. My goal is to encourage longevity within the sport and the establishment of a long-term healthy lifestyle.”

Yevgeniya Cherkasskaya

Team coach
Yevgeniya was a National level gymnast for 13 years, and competed at many Ukrainian Nationals and International Competitions. She was trained by Galena Doroshenko, an honored coach of Ukraine. Yevgeniya received her Master of Sport from Kiev, Ukraine. She has over 6 years of coaching experience and has been with RhythMix for 3+ years. She forms a special bond with the gymnasts she trains and is able to bring out the best in each of her girls.

Olga Makarova

Recreational Program Director and Team Coach
Olga is a former gymnast, dancer and current Master of Sport from Belarus. Olga has joined RhythMix in 2015 and became the Recreational Program Director and Coach. She loves working with beginner and intermediate levels, introducing them to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics, while maintaining a fun and engaging environment appropriate for 3-5 year old girls. She specializes in flexibility and stretching and has many years of training on introducing flexibility in a safe and appropriate manner.

Cory Hershman (Dennehy)

Team Coach
Cory was a rhythmic gymnast for over 8 years, competing at State, Regional and National competitions. She then continued onto artistic gymnastics through high school and competed at State and Regional meets. Irina was Cory’s first coach, and she has been with RhythMix from the very beginning.

Emiliya Hristova

Team coach
Emiliya started rhythmic gymnastics at the young age of 6 years old in Bulgaria. During her training, she earned Master of Sport degree and has been coaching gymnastics for over 30 years. Before joining RhythMix, Emiliya was the founder of Academy of RG in Mexico, where she coached beginner level gymnasts interested in developing their skills. Her girls competed at Mexico's National Championships and placed in the top spots for their ages. Emiliya joined the RhythMix team in 2015 and has been a wonderful addition to our higher level gymnasts and their training outcomes.

Dana Kreiman

Team coach
Dana started her gymnastics training at RhythMix when it first opened in 2006. She was coached by Irina and Valery and competed at State, Regional and National Championships. Once she started college, she transitioned to coaching and has been coaching levels 2 through 5 for over 4 years. She specializes in apparatus work and gives the girls a great foundation for working with all of the 5 gymnastic equipment.

Katie Khorolinsky

Ballet teacher

Yelena Stupakevich

Dance Instructor

Sasha Vassilyeva

Coach assistant
Sasha began her gymnastics training with RhythMix, coached by Irina and Lena. She competed at State, Regional and National competitions for 6+ years. When retiring from training, she began assisting her former coaches with the next generation of RhythMix gymnasts. She has been coaching for 4 years and enjoys working with Levels 5 through 7, teaching them apparatus skills, strength and conditioning, and discipline.

Mathilde Hanchard

Coach assistant
Mathilde began her gymnastics training at RhythMix, coached by Irina and Lena. She competed at State, Regional, and National Championships and began as a coach assistant during her last year of training. She has been coaching with RhythMix for 3+ years and enjoys working with Levels 3-6, teaching them the proper skills needed to advance to higher levels.
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