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Rhythmic Gymnastics Program

Top News:

Buffalo Grove and Mundelein Gyms - Both Gyms of RhythMix (Buffalo Grove and Mundelein locations)will be closed on April 14-15,2014 due to Passover. Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Buffalo Grove Gym is OPEN for regular schedule. Current session will be prolonged for 2 more days to make up that days. Congratulations for RhythMix Team memebers who got medals at Ohio International competitions: Leah Korol, Gold Medal, level 6, Junior B (1st place at 3 events) Tanya Shilshtut, Silver Medal, Level 6, Child B (1st in Ribbon routine) Emma Jiang, Bronze Medal, level 6, Child B Nicole Khoma-tie for 2-3rd place in Ball routine Group routine-2nd place in Floor and Hoop! Great achievement, girls!! Dear coaches-Thank You!! Detailed result are posted under "Event".
  (Date posted: April 08, 2014)

Congratulation to the RhythMix Team members!!! - Early this morning, Level 5 was the first to compete and open one of the largest International Competition in Columbus Ohio. All girls did great. Level 5 Carolyn Wei 3rd Ball, 8th AA, 11th Floor, 11th Hoop Ariana Smit 6th Rope, 12th Hoop Teresa Fu 7th Floor, 7th Rope, 9th Ball, 10th AA Stella Lin 9th Hoop Dariana Yu 10th Hoop, 12th Floor Taylor Okamoto 11th AA Alyssa Shniper, level 7 Is 6-th at each event and 6th All Around!! Great result for the International Competition with 12 Countries and all USA teams competed!!
  (Date posted: April 04, 2014)

Congratulation to RhythMix Team members who competed at Wisconsin Invitational on this weekend!! - Great start for Level 3!!!! A lot of Blue ribbons, that indicated high score!!! Level 4 did great performance, competing with the other Teams which repeated level 4 for second year!! We brought home a lot of medals !!!! Level 5-we are so proud of you, girls!! Medals and ribbons for each event!!! Level 6 -Champions at each age division!! All results will posted on our website once received from host team. THANKS to ALL COACHES AND PARENTS!!!
  (Date posted: March 03, 2014)

RhythMix Team brings 8 Medals from Colorado National competitions!!! - Hurray!!! RhythMix Team members Alyssa Shniper ( level 7) and Sasha Shashkova ( level 8) bring home total of 8 Medals from Colorado National competitions!!! 2 Gold, 3 Silver , 1 Bronze!!!! BRAVO to Alyssa and Sasha, and BIG THANKS to our best coaches- Yelena, Zhenya, Larysa, Julia , Irina, Valery,Cory and Nicolle!!! Special Thanks to our great Ballet Teachers Katia and Lena!!! RhythMix rocks!!!!
  (Date posted: February 17, 2014)

No practices on Tuesday - JCYS will remain closed on Tuesday due extremely cold weather. For this reason all Tuesday practices are canceled. Thank you for your understanding and stay warm!
  (Date posted: January 27, 2014)

No practices on Monday - JCYS is closed on Monday due to weather, therefore all Monday practices are canceled
  (Date posted: January 26, 2014)

Photos from Control Practices - Photos taken during Control Practices are now available : Levels 6-9 (Dec 7), Level 5 (Dec 11), Levels 6-9 (Dec 13)
  (Date posted: January 10, 2014)

Gym is open !! - JCYS Gym is OPEN today!! Hope that no more surprises from Mother Nature!! Regular schedule for today!!!
  (Date posted: January 07, 2014)

URGENT !!! - Sorry for this late notes! We just got phone call (10 min ago)from JCYS Manager about BUILDING IS CLOSE for TODAY. About tomorrow will know tomorrow morning. Thank you for understanding! Stay warm and safe!!
  (Date posted: January 06, 2014)

Today information - Mundeleingym is closed today. Current session will be prolonged for one more week to make up missed classes. Buffalo Grove Gym IS OPEN today for regular schedule.
  (Date posted: January 06, 2014)

Great time and hard work at National Squad Camp at Bela Carolyi's Training Center in Houston! -
  (Date posted: October 26, 2013)

National Squad Camp participants - Congratulations to our Team members Alyssa Shniper (level 7), and Dasha Merkulova (level 8)who were selected to participate at National Squad Camp in Houston (at Famous Bella Karolyi's Ranch)! Only 30 girls from USA were selected to participate at this National Event! Camp will be 6 days long, from 10/18/2013-10/23/2013. GREAT ACHIEVEMENT, GIRLS!! Coach Irina is traveling with Alyssa and Dasha, and will not be able to answer your phone calls at this days.
  (Date posted: October 18, 2013)


Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport that eloquently combines the beauty and grace of dance with the agility and dexterity of gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnasts use hand apparatus such as RIBBON, ROPE, HOOP, BALL, and CLUBS that are constantly in motion, synchronized with their body movements and beautiful music.

Our program accommodates all levels and ages, from 3 year old to advanced competitive levels. Our training philosophy is to develop gymnasts at every level from the beginning, developing skills for general movement education, health and for participation in the competitive program. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a unique sport for girls, which promotes developing coordination, poise, grace and confidence.


Although fascinating to watch, there is more to Rhythmic Gymnastics than meets the eye. Rhythmic builds physical abilities for STRENGTH, POWER, FLEXIBILITY, AGILITY, DEXTERITY, and ENDURANCE. The sport also enhances MUSICAL ABILITY OF HARMONY and RHYTHM. In addition to establishing lifelong patterns of physical activity, which promote health and fitness, it also requires discipline, develops courage, and builds self-confidence - the qualities all transferable to other areas of life. Gymnasts learn to control their bodies and sharpen their minds. Rhythmic also encourages creativity while allowing the gymnast to express herself in a unique and individualized way.

Rhythmic Gymnastics
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