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Rhythmic Gymnastics Program

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Camp starts Monday!! - Dear parents, If you registered for the training camp... Don't forget first day is this Monday, August 3rd at our Highland Park gym at 9am!! Coach assistant will be there at 8:30am if anyone needs to drop off their daughter earlier! Have a great weekend! RhythMix admin
  (Date posted: July 31, 2015)

A few housekeeping items - Dear parents, First of all, thank you for those that filled out the feedback survey. We appreciate all your input and are working towards implementing some changes this upcoming season. Secondly, we are in the process of updating and improving our website. Please take a minute to update your profile page on our website. This includes adding your daughter(s) under your page and updating her proper group/level (upcoming competition season). In the near future, some emails may be sent out to specific levels/groups only, so having correct information under your login will insure you receive all the proper information. It is your responsibility to have proper/updated information entered to stay up to date with all news and announcements. If you have any questions regarding login and adding/editing your daughter's information, please email Valery at Any other questions, please direct to Irina. Thank you RhythMix administration
  (Date posted: July 28, 2015)

August Camp - Dear parents, This is a reminder! If you are interested in your daughter attending the upcoming August Camp at our Highland Park location, please register/let Irina know by the end of this week (Saturday, 25th)!! We must know how many girls are attending in order to invite guest teachers. Payments are due by the start of first day of camp (August 3rd). Thank you RhythMix Admin
  (Date posted: July 22, 2015)


Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport that eloquently combines the beauty and grace of dance with the agility and dexterity of gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnasts use hand apparatus such as RIBBON, ROPE, HOOP, BALL, and CLUBS that are constantly in motion, synchronized with their body movements and beautiful music.

Our program accommodates all levels and ages, from 3 year old to advanced competitive levels. Our training philosophy is to develop gymnasts at every level from the beginning, developing skills for general movement education, health and for participation in the competitive program. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a unique sport for girls, which promotes developing coordination, poise, grace and confidence.

Rhythmix gymnasts come from Chicago north suburbs, including Buffalo Grove, Mundelein, Highland Park, Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Wheeling, Lake Zurich, Deerfield, Lake Forest and Lincolnshire


Although fascinating to watch, there is more to Rhythmic Gymnastics than meets the eye. Rhythmic builds physical abilities for STRENGTH, POWER, FLEXIBILITY, AGILITY, DEXTERITY, and ENDURANCE. The sport also enhances MUSICAL ABILITY OF HARMONY and RHYTHM. In addition to establishing lifelong patterns of physical activity, which promote health and fitness, it also requires discipline, develops courage, and builds self-confidence - the qualities all transferable to other areas of life. Gymnasts learn to control their bodies and sharpen their minds. Rhythmic also encourages creativity while allowing the gymnast to express herself in a unique and individualized way.

Rhythmic Gymnastics
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